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Visual Design

Visual design



Logo & digital design

Not Going to Uni, the website for school leavers looking for alternatives to University, needed a new website. First and foremost the brief required a mobile responsive solution based around their new search architecture which had been built to provide quicker, more useful search results.

The concept I pitched was an icon-based design, created to narrow search results quickly before the new search engine took over and helped refine the search further.

Along with the redesign and new search system, we introduced a social feed, to enable multiple ways for service providers to engage with prospective applicants, and a Linkedin-style profile page that candidates could update and use to directly apply for opportunities.

As part of the redesign I also proposed updating and rationalising the current logo, which was not being used consistently. I redesigned it to be easier and simpler to use and work more effectively online.

For the last part of the project I suggested they rethink their email strategy in order to help keep users more engaged. The solution was to add to a 30, 60 and 90 day retention campaign.

I lead the design team and oversaw the build of this project.

  • Mobile responsive website
  • Style guidelines
  • Icon design
  • Logo redesign
  • UI and wireframes
  • Newsletter
  • Retention email strategy





Digital design

Eureka Entertainment are a film distribution company that used to sell its library of DVDs and Blu Rays through 3rd party re-sellers like Amazon and eBay.

I designed a new whole website and integrated shop, based around the concept of a movie magazine, with full-bleed film images that highlight the iconic films that Eureka have in their catalogue – classics like Metropolis and Nosferatu.

The complete rethink also allowed Eureka to add more engaging content sections like the blog and forums.

  • Mobile responsive website
  • Online shop
  • Newsletter





Digital design

A visual refresh for the vape company Vape Emporium. Wireframe through to final visuals, working with the development team to re-launch this mobile responsive e-commerce site.

Project also included designing email newsletters and launch ad banners,

  • Mobile responsive website
  • Online shop
  • Newsletter
  • Digital advertising




Branding & digital design

Roxhill Media were a new online PR database management company, based in London. I created the logo and branding as well as the marketing website.

Roxhill Media wanted to keep things simple – with an elegant logo and website to contrast strongly with the website of a competitor that looked dated and overly complicated.

I also provided ongoing design consultation on the database web app.

  • Logo & branding
  • Stationery
  • Mobile responsive website




Branding & digital design

EverLight were an online retailer specialising in exterior lightweight solutions. The responsive site was designed to sell and rent the lights, lighting components and all the rigging required for occasions such as weddings or corporate events. The site also contained easy-to-use guides to explain the technicalities of large-scale lighting.

Alongside the site I created a scaleable logo that could be applied to all supplied equipment.

  • Logo & branding
  • Mobile responsive e-commerce website