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VIVO was an ongoing design and branding project that, in the end, comprised of one brand extended through three sub-brands VIVO, VIVO MILES and VIVO STARS.



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Vivo, an online incentive programme for high schools, wanted to expand their brand beyond their initial 11-17 age range.

The first stage was to to redesign the brand from scratch, with a view that it could be easily extended down to primary schools and up to a new initiative that would encompass an older demographic within community groups and charities. 

Stage 1 was to create a core brand that would serve as the basis for all brand extensions and also be used for the VivoMe platform. A style guide was produced to sell the core brand to the client.

Stage 2 of the Vivo project was designing the VivoMe ‘Community’ website using the core brand. The site was conceived as a social network, linking community groups and charities with companies and brands that would sponsor various incentives. A completely bespoke, responsive site was researched, wire-framed and designed with a fresh look that would resonate with the target audience. A complete set of icons were also delivered as part of the project.

As Art Director I created the style guide, icons, wire-frames, look & feel for the website and was closely involved with the digital team throughout the project.

Alongside the digital design work, I was solely responsible for all printed output including stationery, sales literature, brochures and pitch documents. 

  • Logo & branding
  • Style guidelines
  • Stationery
  • Brochures
  • Sales & marketing literature
  • Digital design
  • Icons




Print design & DIGITAL DESIGN

Stage 3 of the Vivo rebranding was to bring the new visual style to the current high-school aged offering. As well as overseeing the update to the current website, I redesigned all the printed materials that were sent out to schools, beginning with the starter pack that contained posters, certificates and various promotional items to encourage student participation.

Alongside that were a series of sales and marketing materials including brochures, shop catalogues, newsletters and exhibition stands.

I was involved as Art Director / brand guardian, from concept and project liaison, through to final production artwork.

  • Brochures
  • Packaging
  • Shop catalogue
  • Stationery
  • Sales & marketing literature
  • Responsive website
  • Exhibition stand





Built alongside the Vivo rebranding project was the Vivo Stars platform. It used the same rewards system platform and this time was specifically designed to appeal to primary school children, using an avatar-based and almost infinitely customisable elements.

Primary school children, through good behaviour or various wellbeing goals, were encouraged to earn Vivo points that could then be used to unlock new items from a library of over 2,500 individual assets – from backgrounds and themes through to hats and pets.

The concept was to create a fun, forward-looking place for children to be both digitally engaged and that underpinned good values and the ethos of the school.

The prime character shape was created to be as inclusive and simple as possible, with gender and ethnic options built in from the start. Part of the simplicity of the design meant that as the child grew older, they were able to have access to more sophisticated items and clothing choices, with the base character remaining the same and growing with them.

The Vivo Stars interface was designed with feedback from children and teachers, with a different view for either group. The children had access to a wardrobe where they could customise their avatar. Teachers, on the other hand, had a reward interface which could be projected onto a digital whiteboard. Within this interface teachers could reward children in front of them in real time. 

There was also a real-world extension of the platform in the form of printed certificates, as well as the option to print out the character to show parents.

I conceived, designed and created all the character assets and the interface as well as co-led on the development of the platform.

  • Character design
  • Digital design
  • Icons
  • Certificates
  • Sales & marketing literature
  • App concept